Do you think your family is strange? Are you estranged from one or more family members such as your parents, or a brother or sister?

If you talk to friends, neighbors or even strangers, most people will tell you they think their own family is strange, weird or bizarre in some fashion. We all have our  quirks and we generally acquired them from our families.

When I was a child and situations were challenging at home, I remember thinking, “Who put me with these crazy people? I’m going to run away as soon as I’m old enough.” I definitely thought everyone in my family was nuts, particularly my brother and sisters.

Are you one of the people who have had to distance themselves from their families for your own sanity or self-protection? Do your folks drive you crazy with their nagging, expectations, treatment of you as a child even though you reached adulthood decades ago? Did you have a falling out with your sibling over a disagreement because of their politics, religion, sexual preference, or life style?

This is truly sad. Family has a history with you no one else has. Family members know the insides of your emotional life like as no one else. They can support you in your joys and losses like no one else in your life since they know your roots.  But if a wound is a barrier to this closeness, then the wound must be healed.

Over the years I have come to greatly value my family, with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. Even with my father being an alcoholic and my mother with her mental illness, I was given great gifts being raised in  in such an environment. I learned a variety of skills growing up I would not have learned otherwise. Their emotional issues and dis-eases forced me to become independent, self-sufficient and responsible at an early age.

If you are estranged from your family, have you considered the gifts you have received from their strangeness?  I firmly believe the majority of people do the best they know how at any given time in their decision making, particularly when it comes to their children.

Despite all our differences growing up, and the fighting and sibling rivalry, my brother and sisters all loved one another. As soon as an outsider attacked one of us, the rest of us would rush to the rescue.

If you are estranged from your parents or a brother or sister, there are or were  probably good reasons at the time for the break. Sometimes we all need time away from volatile emotional situations that arise from disagreements in which we hold strong beliefs. Sometimes when abuse–physical abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse or mental abuse–is involved, professional intervention is needed.

Many people would like to heal these wounds and get back to the times when they could just go home again in peace and love. Would you like to turn back the clock to the good old days when you actually liked your family and enjoyed the time you spent together?

If it is time for reconciliation and you don’t know how to break through the barrier of family patterns that have driven the family apart for years, Healing Family Patterns may be a tool to enable you and other family members to breach that barrier to a successful family relationship.

By identifying and healing the old family patterns that were established in the early childhood and the unspoken messages transmitted throughout the generations, great healing can take place in all family members. Emotional healing shifts your attitudes and perceptions, so that what previously ‘pushed your buttons’ you understand as a broken message not meant to hurt or punish, and can let go as merely a trite phrase.

After I released a huge issue regarding my mother’s need to criticize me and her negativity, I saw that this was just a defense mechanism she used to keep people from criticizing her and getting attention. When I went to her house the next time and she began ‘picking’ on me  again, I turned to her and said,” Yes, I know I can’t do it as well as you can. But I will make dinner, then you don’t have to.” She went away happy knowing she was acknowledged as the expert and I wasn’t upset. This made family times much easier and there was no more tension around her criticism.

Estrangement hurts all the parties involved. When I talk about my relationship with my family, often other people speak to me enviously of the close relationship I have. They tell of the relatives they haven’t spoken to in 25 years with deep regret in their voices. It is never too late to change your relationship with loved ones in the past and present. Even if your present relationship with family members isn’t functioning well because of secrets, hidden agendas or old family hurts, it is not too late to heal these open wounds. The holiday seasons can be particularly trying for many singles, parents or estranged families.

There are other healing modalities available too. If Healing Family Patterns doesn’t call to you, check out other therapies, both individual, group, family and alternative.  We all need to heal to find happiness, joy and love in our lives. I would love to be a resource for you if the Ancestral Lineage Clearing process calls to you.

Many Blessing for Health, Happiness and Joy,


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