Does fear of the future and worry about the present or past keep you up at night? Many are plagued by unrealistic fears for safety, security, and loss. Others constantly worry about money, relationships, jobs, housing, food, and health. Some of these concerns may be valid in the circumstances, but numerous arise from old beliefs and family patterns.

I sometimes have dreams of war, famine, disease, or failure although my life has been fairly stable. When I consider that my parents lived through the depression and WWII with limited food and rationing and fear of invasion, I can see how I picked up their unspoken fear of lack and dread. I often speculate that the epidemic of obesity is rooted in the history of the recent generation’s deprivation of a stable food supply for decades, has left a mark on our psyche of the need to avoid starvation in the here and now.

We have also experienced on-going conflicts around the world in the decades after WWII that fed fears of another outbreak of a world-wide conflict, now with the potential of super-weapons of mass destruction and chemical warfare. So, there is some basis in fact for our mass consciousness of the fear of violence despite having little personal experience.

Worrying about the lack of excess money, abundance, and the future seemingly stems from the past economic depressions, recessions, and market crashes. I personally have lost money and my home in the recessions of the past and had difficulties finding employment.

However, worrying wastes energy no matter the cause. Worrying never solved a problem or avoided a future issue. Generally, it just causes anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness.

The solution to undefined fear and worry is trust. When we truly embrace our Divine heritage, we know that the Universe is a loving place that will supply all our needs and desires despite the mass consciousness of lack. Asking for wellness, safety, prosperity, harmony, love and joy is the key to receiving them. Trusting that we are deserving and worthy to accept these gifts from the Divine is an essential component of living fully in the present.

In order to free oneself from constant fear and worry, here are some basic tools to change an attitude and consciousness from lack to trust.

  1. Acknowledge the fears and worries. Denying that fear and worry exist, only results in suppressing the emotions and having them explode when you least expect them. Feel the fear and worry. Then take these fears and concerns and extend them to their extreme. Such as, “what if I lose my job.”  Well, then I could lose my home, be unable to pay the bills, run out of food, become homeless and starve in the streets. Now, consider how realistic these fears truly are. If I lose this job, another will come along. It will take effort and time, but this isn’t the only job in the world. Meanwhile, I can use savings, get a loan, move into a smaller home, get food from the local food bank or government assistance program temporarily. If considered realistically, losing a job will not result in starving on the street.
  2.  Release the emotions of fear and worry. Write down all the fears running your life now. Write down everything you are worrying about whether real or imagined: everything that keeps you up at night. Then, tear up, burn, or flush the list away with the intention of letting go. Do this daily until the fear and worry dissolve into the air. Ask your angels, spirit guides, or the Divine to assist you in releasing these unnecessary emotions.
  3. Replace the fear and worry. Once the fears/worries have dissolved, the empty spaces where they were formerly held need to be refilled with positive emotions. Affirmations of trust, abundance, love, and hope can fill the void. Whenever a fear of lack comes to mind, replace it with an affirmation of trust and hope. For example: “I won’t have enough money to pay my bills next month.” Change the thought to: “The Universe always provides me with all I need whenever I need it.”
  4. Accept the past and let go. If lack has been in your heritage and history, know that you can change it now. If you have had issues with prosperity, jobs, lack of love, poor health, visualize it in the past and recognize this is no longer true in the present. Feel that you have learned the lesson and are ready to move on to a better life. Look for the positive in your current life. Be grateful for all you have today and more will come in the future.
  5. Change what is in your control. If something isn’t working in your life, then make a plan and take steps to change. Get more training if you need a better job. Learn what is needed to heal your body, change your weight, exercise, and sleep better. Go to counseling if your relationship is floundering. Take action

Fear and worry create stress. Stress is the number source of disease, depression, anger, hunger, loneliness, and sleeplessness. Reducing stress from fear and worry will improve your overall quality of life.

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