Client’s Present Issue

Client has an eating disorder from childhood that is now affecting her son. Her father and grandfather had the same issue. Her mother and grandmother had issues with alcohol and drug addiction. She has emotional eating while bored, anxious, depressed, angry or emotionally distressed with feelings of fear, rejection, and abandonment by her mother as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.

Ancestral Clearing Journey

First Life

During the time of Pharaohs in a small village, a woman is at a well in a desert area. She is reserved and keeps to herself. She lives in a small house where she has a young son. Her husband is at work. She loves her son but is unhappy. She has no love or support. She takes care of the house, cooks and cleans. When her husband comes home he criticizes her and beats her when he is drunk. One day she bakes bread and sweet rolls and decides to sell them in the market. She also takes the bread to the sick and needy. When her husband comes home, he is furious and beats her for using the household food and daring to think she could go to the market. He sweeps the food off the table and stomps on it. She picks it up and later the son offers to take it to the market.

This continues until the son is older and stronger. One day he confronts his father when he tries to beat his mother. The son stops him and forces the father to stop the beatings. The son eventually leaves but cannot take the mother with him. She stays and gradually fades away for she has nothing to live for. On her deathbed, the son and his wife are there while the father is drunk in the tavern. She feels her life was sad and useless.

Second Life

Her mother dies when she is about five years old and she was given a choice to live with her father (which she did in the first life) or stay with her mother’s sisters. This time she chooses to stay with her aunts. They raise her in a village instead of as a nomad as her father had. The aunts teach her women’s skills, to be proud of her femininity and to be her own person. When it is time for her to marry, they choose a young man who will be good to her, love her and care for her.

She comes to love her husband. They have a son (the boy from the first life) and two daughters. They are happy and have many friends. She becomes a baker and sells her bread and sweets in the market. She stays connected with her aunts until their deaths. They are respected members of the community. The children grow, marry and are happy. She is close to her grandchildren. She grows old with her husband and dies with her family, grandchildren, and friends surrounding her. She was content, happy and fulfilled in this lifetime.

What are your thoughts?

  • How was the ancestor’s first lifetime related to the client’s eating disorder and the addiction issue in the family?
  • Why has her son continued with this issue?
  • Consider the factors that changed the pattern in the second lifetime.
  • What three major influences changed in the ancestor’s life that altered the DNA for her descendants?
  • What beliefs and family influences affect your health issues?
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