We celebrate Independence Day here in the United States on July 4th. Other countries celebrate their independence from tyrants or oppressors on other days of the year. One thing most of us have in common is that the separation from prior governments has been violent. Many lives were lost, both military and civilian. People were caught up on both sides of the conflict of separation and innocent men, women and children were also victims of these wars. Fireworks

As descendants of these conflicts we celebrate the freedoms won. Our world is a much different than it was hundreds of years ago when colonialism, slavery, monarchy, religious domination and control ruled the world. In some places these issues still dominate but they do not direct most countries’ governments.

However, we still feel the impact of these conflicts and wars in our bones—in our DNA. War, genocide, slavery, victim hood, famine, rape and infanticide are traumas inflicted by and to our ancestors. Unless our genomes (3 billion base pairs of DNA) are cleared of these traumas, we continue to process the effects in such ways ill health (alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, mental illness, diabetes, cancer), anger management, poverty, suicidal thoughts, inability to maintain loving relationships, physical and emotional abuse, accidents and the desire not to live on this planet.

It has only been in this generation that we have recognized PTSD as an injury of war though it was called battle fatigue, shell shock, combat fatigue and other terms in earlier wars. If this battle trauma is not recognized and dealt with it is passed on to future generations in the genome.

Not only are the soldiers carrying the sufferings of the wars, so are the victims. The innocents who took no part in the conflict but were overrun when the battles came their way and were killed in the action are still carrying the genes of the wars.

A client once questioned how could their DNA be affected if grandparents had children (the client’s aunts/uncles) who were killed in a war before their parent was born? These deaths affected the grandparents’ DNA who carried the grief, trauma and loss of the earlier children when their parent was born. So their parent carried the trauma and passed this gene on to them and they pass it on if it is not cleared.

Is there a remedy? Of course.

  • Love is always the ultimate healer. Love your body down to the cellular and genetic level. This take dedication, practice and support. There are many healers that now specialized in this practice.
  • Meditation can take you deeply into your body to clear the triggers from past wounds and lifetimes.
  • Shamanic practices of Karma Clearing and other Ancestral Clearing practices that reach the DNA level support the removal of these traumas. Such services are available at https://ancestrallineageclearing.com.
  • Epigenetic research has shown that maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle including exercise, organic foods, avoiding tobacco, excess alcohol, drug use and positive family relationships circumvents triggering the genes of destructive DNA codes.

Now we can truly celebrate our Independence from the past wars, battles, conflicts, destruction and heal. As we heal the lineage from our ancestors we must also ensure that we continue moving forward toward resolving future challenges in peaceful and compassionate ways.

Freedom is a precious gift to cherish and guard. War is ugly and destructive. We must find a way to maintain our freedoms without resorting to repression, oppression or violence. Love and compassion are always the answer if we will but listen to our hearts.

Blessings for Peace, Joy, Happiness and Love,


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