Recently I heard a tale of a person in pain who was chasing healers begging for help and then rejecting the offered healing. She was not ready to release the pain and choose freedom. By focusing on the past and present difficulties and blaming others for the inability to ‘make’ her well, she failed to grasp the opportunity see the happiness, love and beauty offered her.

If we were all we beautiful, young, wealthy and strong we wouldn’t be challenged to stretch and grow to reach our fullest potential. Many people live with pain, limitation and restrictions in life. By encountering tests of health, finances, physical limitation, career difficulties and relationship challenges we find our strengths and not-strengths and learn what we want in our life. We need to explore life in order to find our purpose and fashion a life of happiness, fulfillment and love.

We are offered many choices and opportunities in life to take different paths many of which will take us on journeys in varied directions to lead us to explore our talents and gifts and alter the old karma we have chosen to release in this life.

When I was a child I had visions of being a prima ballerina. Now it so happens, I was born with a congenital shoulder deformity and have limited mobility lifting my arm behind me and above my head. And so there went my career as a ballerina (and as a ditch digger, thank goodness). Instead of focusing on a career with a physical orientation, my body forced me to improve my mental and spiritual nature. This has served me well. My body has gotten my attention when I ignored it with pain and illness over the years. I had to learn to balance my physical well-being on this Earth with my mental exercises, but it was a learning process that just took experience and trial and error.

I have learned through taking my clients through the Ancestral Lineage Clearing process that when we reach those crossroad in our lives where we get to choose which path we want to take in our life, that our SOUL ALWAYS know the RIGHT CHOICE to make. There are many influences present when we reach these crossroads that we are forced to consider—family desires, cultural pressures, personal needs.

Consider the decision to marry: a huge factor in any person’s life that will change the course of the rest of your life. The family wants you to marry someone they approve of which generally means someone with a similar religious, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic background. The society in which you were raised dictates the general age you should marry, the age of your spouse (is he/she older or younger than you), are you of child-bearing years (yet/still), able-bodied (can you earn a living and support a family (yet/still) and not be a burden on society/family. Your own desires for marriage include the need for companionship, sex, support (emotional or economic) versus the desire for freedom and independence.

In order to truly allow the soul to make the best choice, a person needs to find the stillness within and listen deeply to the Soul’s voice. It is when we don’t listen that poor choices are made. These choices can be made with the best intentions. Client’s ancestors have chosen to stay in abusive homes in order to protect mothers who are being abused instead of leaving with other relatives who could have given them better lives. Ancestors have chosen unsuitable careers to please their fathers when they were children that resulted in disastrous wars.

Now through Ancestral Lineage Clearing and similar methods we can clear these unfortunate karmic bonds and patterns by giving our ancestors the opportunity to heal and release the wounds. Then we become free of this tangled energy that binds our lives to the past. Once free of the karmic energy, we can choose happiness, joy and love by listening to our soul when we reach our own crossroad in this life and clearly chose  what we desire.

Blessings for Health, Happiness, Love and Joy,



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