I love the book “It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood: Inspirations for Inner Healing” by Claudia Black and Laura Zagon. So many people choose to come into lifetimes at this time on Earth with challenging childhoods that seem to hamper their development into the loving, giving and powerful beings we all are meant to be. Simply because our early life was a disaster, doesn’t mean the rest of life has to follow the same pattern. We can change the pattern and choose a future of happiness and love.

We choose these challenging childhoods before we come to the earth plane in the belief that if we have difficulties early on in our lives, we will have plenty of time and resources to overcome the complications. These challenges would then enhance our growth in the early years. If I had been born in luxury and pampered, I wouldn’t have the skills now to write, heal, assist in empowering others and empathize with the challenges others face. Without having been born in a large family, I wouldn’t have the social skills, the negotiation skills, the sensitivity to others’ emotions and the protective instincts I developed quite young. My health challenges allowed me learn self-healing and deal with the Western and alternative healing systems so now I can aid others in walking through those processes in their healing journeys.

Instead of wallowing in the pain of the past, the mistakes and poor choices I made based on my early childhood training, I chose to heal. I chose to face the pain, accept the responsibility of choosing my fate to be born into my family of origin with its poverty, chaos and limitations. I recognized the gift this family gave me and the strengths I received from the challenges I face.

Once I reconciled with my childhood and faced responsibility for my own mistakes that flowed from the choices I made from the wounds I had incurred in my early years, then I could choose the future I wanted.

Before making clear and positive choices, one action was needed: to clear and release the past. Many people think they can just bury or forget the past, ignore their family, cover up their mistakes and start again. This doesn’t work. The old adage, “Wherever you go, there you are” is absolutely true. Unless you let go of the baggage and clear the old patterns you will take them with you and repeat them. The energy of the past clings unless it is removed. Several methods are available to clear and release old patterns of behavior. It depends on which field the patterns are stuck in-is your health compromised? Your relationships? Your finances? Your career? Your connection with the Divine? Your connection with your soul? Are there multiple areas that need to be cleared?

There are many practioners in many alternative and health fields that clear energy fields that are stuck, out-of-balance and need healing. I practice Ancestral Lineage Clearing because I find it is so effective in clearing out so many long-term patterns that have affected families and multiple family members for generations.

Until these areas are cleared and released, we cannot make clear and wholesome decision to choose happiness, love, joy, health and prosperity. The Divine Source, Creator, God or whatever name you give to All That Is wants to give us what we desire. If we desire pain, chaos and trauma, that is what we will receive. If we are clearly ask for happiness, love, joy, health and prosperity it will flow into our lives endlessly. All we have to do is choose.
Many blessings,

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