October is the beautiful autumn month in the Northern Hemisphere. The month of harvest festivals, cooler weather, and the changing colors of trees. In the Southern Hemisphere, spring is arriving with leaves budding, flowers blooming, and warmer weather.

No matter where you live, October is the month we honor our ancestors. Western Culture doesn’t have a common tradition of connecting with our ancestors. Indigenous tribes all over the planet have rich conventions of staying close with their ancestors in a variety of ways from creating ancestral altars, bringing flowers, food, and tokens to burial sites, or simply talking with your ancestors. Some Asian societies venerate their ancestors to ensure favorable treatment.  These customs have the common goal to show honor and respect for those who have passed and to encourage of one’s ancestors’ support and wisdom for the living.

Our ancestors still exist and care about us after they have crossed over to the other side. With my work over the last 20+ years, I know our ancestors love us and want us to be happy, healthy, and abundant. Ancestors delight in connecting to their descendants and passing on the wisdom of their extended lives on earth and the perspective they have gained from the other side. The only block to getting love and support from all your ancestors is the belief that they aren’t available to you.

Ancestors are willing and eager to give us the benefit of their experience. You do not need to know your ancestors to ask for their help. Your DNA is your connection and highway to them. If you want assistance with health, financial or relationship issues, gain confidence in your ability to make good choices, and clear the blocks and limitations that stand in the way of a joyful, free, and happy life, here are some guidelines to get you started.

How do we call our ancestors? Here are some simple guidelines to call on your ancestors for support.

  1. Believe your ancestors are present and willing to help you. Release all doubts and blocks that tell you this is your imagination, no one will answer, or this is a false belief. Clear your heart of uncertainties.
  2. Decide what you want to ask your ancestor. Do you want advice on a problem? Clarity in a difficult situation? Love and support when you feel alone and misunderstood? By defining your desire, the right ancestor to help you can connect.
  3. Select a quiet place where you will not be interrupted by people, children, pets, or outside noises. Turn off your phone or place it elsewhere, so you are not disturbed during the meditation. This is an important process that should not be broken up once started.
  4. Clear your energy field with a cleansing, balancing, and grounding exercise. If you don’t have a usual practice, many techniques can be found on the internet. The connection to your ancestor is easier if your energy is clear and balanced.
  5. You may want to light a candle, have photos of your family members, or sacred objects such as crystals, statutes, crosses, or other sacred items on an altar nearby, whatever appeals to your sacred nature.
  6. Then, open with a prayer and invite the Divine Presence, your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirits, or whatever sacred guardians you desire, and your loving, guardian Ancestors to help and support you. Opening prayers set the energy for the healing and open the path to a positive outcome.
  7. Next, ask the right ancestor to visit you. See, hear, feel, or sense your ancestor. Have no expectations of who or how they will come. Open all your senses to the ancestor.
  8. When you see, hear, sense, or feel their presence, mentally or out loud, ask your question or seek the support you need.Quietly and patiently wait for the response. Be open to whatever insights you receive.
  9. Trust yourself and the answers you receive. Further insights may come during your dreamtime, meditations, or throughout your day
  10. After the ancestors have answered your questions and shared their love with you, thank them and release them back to their home.
  11. Then say a closing prayer and release all the Spirits you called in.

Our ancestors are always here for us. They are not bound by time and space. Once you are comfortable call them in, ancestors become a wonderful resource of wisdom and love.

Enjoy this season and call on your ancestors to pave the way to a brighter, happier, and more abundant future.

Blessings for health, success, happiness, and joy, Ariann

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