In the last article, I addressed the subject of releasing the drama and trauma of the past in order to free ourselves of the burdens of the past.. Until and unless we understand, forgive and let go of the stories that bind us to the mental or emotional unhappiness that control our lives it will continue to play out in our health, relationships, environment and even our DNA. Once we release these traumas and dramas, we can breathe freely the abundance and prosperity the Universe holds in store for us.

However, releasing and letting go of the past is the first step in changing our lives. When we remove an obstacle from our life it leaves a vacuum or empty space that begs to be filled. If we don’t plan on how to fill that vacuum then sometimes the same old (or similar) stuff moves back in. After clearing an old pattern a new energy pattern must be set in the old energy pattern’s place. When I clear a dis-harmonious family pattern that no longer serves the client’s interest, together we immediately make plans to set a new energy pattern in place.

A pattern or habit creates neural pathways in the brain like taking a familiar route we drive every day. Generally it takes around 27 to 30 days to establish a new pattern or pathway. (Some complex actions may take longer.) So when we establish a new family energy pathway or neural net and an energy field are created to keep the old energy from flooding back into the vacuum when we cleared the old pattern. We need to practice the new pattern otherwise we fall into the same routine ways of thinking, acting or believing. For example: Have you ever found yourself driving to your old home after you recently moved when your mind was on something else? This was an old neural pathway reasserting itself before the new one was firmly established.

The new energy is set by adopting tasks to establish neural and energy pathways in the mental, emotional and physical fields through various exercises that alter the old patterns. So what does this actually mean? When the client comes back from the Shamanic journey, we clear the old energy pattern through sound so the client’s energy field is cleansed. Then the ancestor’s new positive energy and family pattern which was formed is brought into the client’s field.

Once we identify the new pattern, the new form can be fixed. There are multiple ways to retain this new pattern just like there are multiple roads to any destination.The basic principle to remember is to repeat and practice retaining the new energy in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fields for a sufficient period of time to fill the vacuum of energy that was recently removed in order to retain the new energy permanently,so for at least 27 to 30 days.

To establish the new pattern in the mental field we need an exercise to engage the mind. A symbol which triggers the memories of the new energy to invoke the feel of the new life force, to engage the source of the ancestor’s choice of a positive life choice, to know and recognize that one is connected with Divine Source. Perhaps a Mandala, a mantra chanted, journal writing, story-telling, or other activity that will engage the mind for a sufficient time period will serve this purpose.

Then the pattern must be set in the emotional realms. To bind our minds and hearts to a new pattern is essential. Engaging the heart involves our senses and beliefs. I have found affirmations to be an effective tool since it involves the majority of the senses: the sense of hearing as you state the affirmation aloud, seeing if you can say the affirmations in front of a mirror, tactile as you say the affirmations as well as feeling as you express the truth in the affirmation.

The affirmation must contain actual truth of the new pattern not a desire or wish that the client does not truly believe. If the affirmation states: “I am healthy in mind and body,” when there are chronic health issues needing resolution, then this is not a true statement and is in conflict with the client’s present energy pattern. If the affirmation states:” I deserve a healthy mind and body and the Universe supports my achieving this goal.” Then the client can fully adopt the new energy pattern within the affirmation.

There may be other tools to use to incorporate the new pattern in your emotional energy body such as yoga, meditation, nature connection and other methods you may discover. Repetition and practice are necessary to firmly seat the energy in your emotional field.

Many people with a spiritual practice tend to ignore the physical aspects when establishing a new energy practice. We are spiritual beings in a physical form having a physical experience on this Mother Earth. If we ignore the physical grounding of the new energy in our bodies, the energy pattern will slip away sooner than expected. We must ground the new positive energy pattern in our physical energy field with a physical form. The best procedure I have found is in our creativity.

My clients revel in expressing the positive energy in creating a physical expression of it in a picture, collage, jewelry piece, garden corner, sculpture, family story or album or other creative form. Not all of us are artists and this expression is not designed to be shown to others. It is an expression of the new energy that is manifesting in our life in a new and beautiful manner.

By the physical expression most people also find the spiritual expression flows through their hands and bodies too. With the combination of the symbols that by-pass the conscious mind into the sub-conscious over time, the emotional connections made through the repetitions of affirmation or yoga practice, and the physical manifestation of the energy a spiritual link develops. The energy net is developed and the new field is generated and strengthened over time. Once this occurs the vacuum is filled and the old energy does not return.

An added benefit is the ripple effect of your new energy field. Your positive energy affects all those you come into contact with influencing their energy field in a constructive manner. When you exude optimism, health, strength, positivity, serenity, love and joy those around your feel better and know that their own life can shift too. This is how the world changes, one person at a time.

Many blessings for health, happiness, abundance and love,

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