Many clients speak of feeling like their family is cursed with bad relationships, with poverty, ill health and pain, poor jobs or careers, or cut off from all good things in life. These feelings are based in family histories and beliefs that “my family suffers from…” and therefore, so will I. They believe fate has cursed their family or their life with bad luck in one or more areas.

Such beliefs are self-fulfilling prophesies. We attract the very curse we wish to avoid by our thoughts and actions. Our thoughts and beliefs trigger the underlying genes that turn on the undesirable aspects in our bodies.

So-called “curses” are bad or negative energy directed at you or held in your energy field. These beliefs attach to your genes activating unwanted DNA in your body. Releasing this energy from your genetic patterns frees you to live fully and completely in love and joy.

The science of epigenetics found that thoughts and beliefs coat our inherited genes influencing the chemical reactions that take place in the DNA of the nucleus of the individual cells. Positive beliefs, thoughts and actions support health, love, success, abundance and happiness. Negative beliefs create and attract dis-ease, bad relationships, violence, poverty, depressions, anxiety and isolation.

Our ancestors are always here to help relieve us of our burdens from the past. They are willing to change the decisions they made that adversely impact our lives.


Take the story of Ella, a 30ish woman, who consulted me because she was afraid to create a relationship. She came from a family of at least 3 generations of single mothers who married sailors, soldiers, truck drivers, alcoholics or other men who were killed, left or deserted the family before the children were grown.

When the client’s ancestor was contacted, it was discovered she was forced to marry her late husband’s brother after the first husband’s death. She never gave the brother a chance to be a part of the family. He later ran away from this un-loving family. After shifting this scenario, she opened her heart to the brother and developed a loving relationship. This changed the entire family marriage pattern for all future generations. Ella was now free to find a mate and create a long-lasting relationship with potential children who would have a father figure in their lives.

Or consider Nate who recently engaged me to relieve his life-long history of high blood pressure. His family had generational heart disease, including his grandfather, grandmother, father and sister. When his ancestor’s life was explored, he discovered his ancestor abandoned his first love. Later he married and had a family but his heart was never committed, leaving him dying unfulfilled. In the clearing session, he shifted his life, by waiting until he could marry his true love, thereby creating a happy, fulfilled and satisfied life. After the session, Nate’s blood pressure stabilized. Within 3 months his medication was cut in half and he was on his way to tapering off completely with his doctor’s assistance.

For those generational issues that are challenging to clear with other methods, our ancestors are always available to help us. Ancestral Lineage Clearing reaches the ancestors who are ready, willing and able to help you. When we clear generational family patterns in the past, we also release them from the DNA that affects future generations too.

Alternative methods can be helpful to relieve the negative thoughts, beliefs and “curses” formed from family beliefs. Shamanic techniques to lift such destructive energy patterns are the Curse Release or a Karma Clearing processes.

The Curse Release method is designed to clear misfortune after breaks-up from divorce, partnership dissolution, career moves, changing location, lawsuits, etc. It releases negative energy directed from others ill-wishing us from having love, money, health and hereditary issues or to clear implants, or self-defeating beliefs.

The Karma Clearing process breaks patterns that bind you to people, places and objects in the past, or from past lives. This removes karmic patterns, hereditary patterns, inherited karma, and rewrites sacred contracts and agreements.

Ariann offers healing session in all these methods at the website here.

Blessings for a Health, Happiness, Prosperity, and Love,


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