The influx of the powerful solstice 2012 energy began a new Earth Cycle and continues forward into 2013 (and will linger beyond) . I have noticed many of my clients are dealing with the core issues of why are we on this planet and what is life’s purpose. The question comes in many forms. Most clients are searching for the reason for their sense of hopelessness, helplessness and disconnection with their world.

We all have days when the world doesn’t seem to make sense. If this feeling persists and encompasses all we do, then it is time to discover the reason behind the lack of satisfaction with our life.  For years I felt like an alien on Earth. I just didn’t seem to fit anywhere and I felt no one understood me, especially my family. Many people have carried around the feeling of being displaced or lost since they were children. Some clients tell me they are not from this planet and have never felt at ‘home’ here. Although this may be true, we have all chosen to live on Earth during this exciting time of change and transformation. So what do we do to resolve these feelings of separation?

The core issue for many on this planet deals with the pain we experience with the lessons we have set up to learn in this dense energy. When we enter into the Earth’s density, we can act immediately on our thoughts or take time to assess our actions and contemplate the ramifications before our actions manifest. The more lifetimes we incarnate on Earth, the better decisions we make and our judgment becomes better about what we create or destroy during our lives.

However, this also means we have had lifetimes where we, or our ancestors, have made mistakes. We did not listen to our inner wisdom. We were influenced by fear, money, politics, lust or power when we made choices that caused pain. Some of these choices created karmic debts and adverse family patterns that haunt us and our families for generation. These are the wounds like poverty, abuse, neglect, violence, addiction, ill health, lack of love in relationships and a myriad of other challenges that keep us from our happiness and fulfillment. Escaping our life now will only create additional issues when we incarnate again and for our loved ones now and in the future.

The good news is there are now multiple modalities available to heal these wounds such as Ancestral Lineage Clearing. I believe those of us choosing to live on the planet today are here deliberately to shift the negative energy of the past. We came to heal the old family wounds of our ancestors, clean up our karmic debts, and restore the beauty and creativity all over the world.

Innovations in western and allopathic medicine, mental health, social integration and particularly energy healing have allowed us to make tremendous strides in reducing the physical and emotional pain of living in this density on Earth. Doctors and healing practitioners of all types of medical schools can reduce or eliminate physical dis-ease and distress.We have counselors to aid us in reducing violence, addiction, anger, abuse and resolve relationship issues. Social development has taken place that has ended slavery, reduced starvation for much of the population, aided orphaned and abandoned children, allowed unhappy unions to end without a lifetime of pain and stress and allowed most people to choose their own spiritual path.

We still have a tremendous amount of healing work to do individually, socially and environmentally but we have come a long way. By accepting our lives here on Earth and the gifts and limitations it offers us in our learning process, we eliminate our fear of pain and life. This does not mean our learning ends, it merely means we can choose not to suffer through it. Every time each one of us chooses to heal one of our wounds, a wound of the planet is healed.

Spring has arrived with new life arising on the planet and renewed energy to help us face our challenges and overcome them. We have already overcome the challenges of many lifetimes. The more we heal the greater joy we find in living life here and creating beauty, health and love in our lives. Our task this lifetime is to find our happiness.

Good Healing to All,


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