Ancestral Lineage Clearing Class w/Book Offer

Would you like to learn more about Ancestral Lineage Clearing?

If you have purchase Ariann’s book and you interested in learning more about this wonderful healing technique, here is a special offer for you. Ariann is so excited about the results Ancestral Lineage Clearing can provide to clients that she periodically schedules classes to teach interested students who want to learn this healing process.

 During the class students will:

1. Identify limiting family patterns and the underlying core beliefs creating the patterns,

2. Understand the theory and creation of the limiting beliefs,

3. Learn to contact the ancestor who originated the limiting pattern and create a new pattern,

4. Release the energy of limiting patterns and replace it with positive energy that will remain in your energy field, and

5. Participate in a group Family Healing Session with all class participants.

 Who would benefit from a class?

  • Healers find adding Ancestral Lineage Clearing to their repertoire of skills and techniques broadens their resources enabling them to support clients on their path to wellness.
  • Hypnotherapists in particular find Ancestral Lineage Clearing in alignment with their work and an expansion of its basic technique.
  • Those interested in personal growth, and
  • The ‘family’ healer, who seems to take care of every ones’ challenges, will find this class valuable.

Ariann uses a hands-on approach and gives participants the opportunity to practice the Ancestral Lineage Clearing process she describes in her book, Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth. The program consists of:

  • 6 classes of 1 ½ hours
  • Each student practices the preparations, meditations, journeys and energy clearings of the healing process
  • The class is conducted over the web or telephone, all classes are recorded for downloading
  • The students email their homework to the instructor
  • The last class session is a group Ancestral Lineage Clearing for all students
  • Participants who satisfactorily attend and complete the assignments will receive a Certified Practioner’s document and may be eligible to be placed on the website for referrals
  • Cost of the class is normally $199 to be paid in advance *
  • The next class is scheduled for March 4, 2014.

This class involves a significant commitment of time and energy. If you are interested in studying Ancestral Lineage Clearing to learn this outstanding healing technique, sign up here.

*For those who purchased the book: Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth, the special, discounted 1/2 price is $99.

Contact or call Ariann at 928-284-5738 to register for the class.

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