I was recently discussing the issue of ‘curses’ with a student who asked whether Ancestral Lineage Clearing could remove them. I gave him the much-disliked reply of, “It depends.”


Firstly: what is a curse? Centuries ago a curse was a prayer for evil and misfortune to befall another. In some countries, women could curse you with the ‘evil eye’ to make your hair fall out, milk sour, children fall ill or accidents occur until and unless you did their bidding. A person could go to a witch or warlock and purchase a curse against someone for a specific purpose, generally evil.

Nowadays, we don’t tend to think of people ‘cursing’ us with spells or the evil eye. A curse in essence is bad energy sent our way with ill intent. It can be as simple as someone ‘flipping you off’ in traffic if you do something they don’t like; shoving ahead of you in line and giving you a dirty look. This is tossing ill will and bad energy. If you absorb it and take it on it will darken and disturb your energy field, drain you, divert your attention from your job or family and take away your joy and life energy. We can easily release this energy by cleansing our energy fields regularly and blessing those who throw negative energy around unknowingly.

The more common and intrusive curses, which we don’t recognize as such and don’t call them curses, are the negative intentions and bad energy sent with ill intent generally by someone close to us. I find these incidents generally in divorces or relationship break-ups where people did not part amicably and one or both partners feel ‘done’ wrong. Negative energy and ill will continues to be sent long after the break up and can be attached to property like jointly owned items, gifts such as wedding rings, jewelry, expensive art work, alimony or child support payments, or anything that reminds either party of the relationship.

This can also happen in the workplace when partnerships, small businesses and family corporations break up. There is resentment, feelings of betrayal, broken trust, hurt feelings, abandonment and other issues not all associated with the financial matters that stick and create ill will and bad energy that continues to flow after all the legal work and separation is done.

In these instances, Ancestral Lineage Clearing may not necessarily be the solution because if the unwanted energy, ill will and negative intention is created in the present time by the present parties to the situation. It depends when the unwanted energy originally occurred. I look to see if other family members in the present and past generations have had difficult relationships, difficult divorces or break-ups, broken partnerships, business arrangements. If they have, then we proceed to Ancestral Lineage Clearing. If not, it is more appropriately handled by Shamanic Curse Release methods that deals with the intense present trauma and crisis.

When I was dealing with an issue dealing with relationships in my own family, I first looked at my own life and was unable to identify any present trauma. So I searched for an Ancestor to assist me. I found an Ancestor several hundred years in the past who was Caribbean and had been captured and became a slave to one of my Cherokee ancestors. She served as his concubine and had a child. She was what we would now call a voodoo practitioner though that is not how she thought of herself. There was no way for her to return to her people and she was never accepted by the tribe because of her darker skin color and her attitude. She cursed the family with unhappiness in their relationships forever.

I was able to shift the energy and release the curse. Blessing her for her coming into the tribe and bring her life and energy into the genetic makeup. She was finally at peace.

When curses such as these are set in the past in times when people had such strong belief and put such energy behind their curses, Ancestral lineage Clearing is a marvelous technique to clear that energy from your heritage and ensure that it does not pass down to subsequent generations.

Curses can be cleared by blesses those who throw negative energy at you unknowingly; by releasing and letting go of bitterness and forgiving those who have hurt you; and by clearing your ancestral line. The Divine wants you to live in joy and happiness.
 Blessings for peace, joy, health, laughter and love,

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