Basic Trauma Freedom Package


A $710 Value for only $589

This combined package includes 4 of Ariann’s powerful healing sessions (see description below).

This package is for those serious issues involving generational issues of sexual abuse, incest, rape, abandonment, betrayal, or other traumatic issues resulting in ongoing trauma affecting your emotional health, relationships, and well-being, Take back your power and free yourself from a lifetime of pain. Step into a daily life or vibrant health, happiness, love and joy.

Ariann offers a complete package of her services designed to reset your energy, cut cords and attachments to unhealthy relationships, offer tools for recovery, and clear ancestral genetic traits.

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The Trauma Freedom Healing and Recovery Package consists of:

Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session—A 1-hour private session with Ariann guiding you on a Shamanic journey to your ancestor to clear and heal the generational family patterns that started the trauma in your family and will shift the energy from you and your descendants now and in the future. (Value $300)

Shamanic ServicesA Karma Release Session–A shamanic technique to clear misfortune— after breaks-up from divorce, partnership dissolution, betrayal, rape, career moves, changing location, lawsuits, etc. (Value $180)

A Soul Retrieval Session–An ancient shamanic practice to restore wholeness and bring back fragments of a person’s soul lost as a result of trauma, crisis, soul ‘stealing’, illness, abuse or fear. (Value $180)

BONUS – Healing Your Trauma Genes Meditation Video – As you begin to heal, further layers start to arise. This meditation is recorded and downloadable, designed to be used as often as you need, at your own pace, so that you can continue to your healing journey. ($50 Value)

This Trauma Freedom Package is designed to address the serious patterns in your life that have been troubling you for many years. If you are ready to clear them now and forever, reach out and take these steps.  Embrace the happiness and love that will flood into your life. Claim your freedom from pain and regret now.

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