BOOK: The Female Factor


A powerful anthology written by 25 international coaches, consultants, and self-confidence counselors from Canada, Australia, Belgium, Malawi, Argentina, Russia, Puerto Rico and the USA.

Authors including Dr. Tanja Isabella Nunnold, Joanne Flynn, Elyse Meyer, Peg Beck, Cynthia Mills, Hanna Perlberger, Ramonda Hollenquest, Danyelle Gibson-Grant, Rhonda Owens, J.C. Marrero, Jan Allen, Dr. Demetria Hill-Cannady, Debra Pittam, Alinane Kalongera Katenga-Kaunda, Shatrela Washington-Hubbard, Tara L. Cooper, Gloria Chance, Ariann Thomas JD, Carol Carter, Dr. Saundra Wall-Williams, Sylvia Perez, Rev. Saundradee Gray-Werts, Jacqueline Cabildo, Stephanie Cabildo, Lesley Lane, and Dr. Johnson Chandler.

A must-read for women globally who wish to step into their most confident self and gain increased self-esteem and leadership skills.


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