Valentine Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session



  • Is Valentine’s Day hard for you with no special love in your life? Have you always been alone on Valentine’s Day?
  • Does love only exists for you when you have a partner or are part of a couple?
  • Are you married or in a partnership and unhappy or dissatisfied and wish you could fix it?
  • Does you family have a history of relationship challenges with love?
  • Do you feel that a pattern of loveless existence has been passed down from your parents and grandparents?

Join Ariann in a Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session to clear genetic traits issues in your heritage regarding Love and Relationships. Clear the patterns that have held you back from finding love in your life and let go of the pain of the past.

If you are in a relationship and the love and passion is fading, or you are unhappy, or dissatisfied, perhaps old beliefs, family wounds, and genetic patterns are keeping you both from finding your joy and long-lasting love. Ancestral Lineage Clearing can heal and release patterns and blocks to reconciliation, sexual connections, communication issues, emotional distance, and commitment challenges too.

There will be people in the session with the same issues about Love and Relationships ready to release the pain and free the future flow of love.

Scheduled for Monday, February 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm ET for 1.5 hours.

Limit 25 people.


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