Mother’s Day Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing


Was Your Mother Perfect? Did you have a wonderful relationship with your Mother? Most of us cannot answer yes to these questions. Did you spent your life trying to please her and gain her approval? This applies to your birth mother or the one who acted as your primary mother in your early years.

Mothers are our first contact with the world and life. This is the first bond and relationship in this world giving us a sense of safety, warmth, security, and love. But Mothers are only human with limited training, understanding, resources, and patience, sometimes at a young age.

Did you have a difficult relationship with your Mother?

  • Was she absent physically, mentally, or emotionally? Were you given up by your birth mother and adopted?
  • Did she suffer from a physical illness, depression, mental illness, or was she unable to cope emotionally with family responsibilities? Was she able to fully engage as a mother?
  • Did your Mother physically, mentally, sexually, or emotionally abuse you or others in the home? Was she excessively controlling, dominating, or narcissistic? Or was she passive, submissive, and manipulative?
  • Was there financial stress so your Mother’s attention was directed to survival and safety instead of nurturing? Did she work long hours outside home, so she was unable to meet your needs?
  • Is there a generational pattern of maternal neglect or abandonment in your family?
  • Did your Mother favor one of the children in the family and exclude you from her attention and affection?

Having a frustrating maternal relationship with your primary mother figure can cause relationship issues in intimate partnerships in later life. This manifests in a variety of ways, such as:

  • An inability to trust, constantly expecting abandonment, abuse, neglect, and betrayal.
  • A failure to communicate thoughts, feelings, and desires, fearing exposure of vulnerability to hurt and pain.
  • Lack of sexual, and emotional intimacy based on an inability to lower boundaries raised in childhood for protection.
  • The inability to give or receive love fully and completely in all relationships.
  • A continuing feeling of a lack of self-worth, self-esteem, failure, and not being good enough to meet unspoken expectations.

In an Ancestral Lineage Clearing, Ariann uses a Shamanic healing and clearing process to transform the generational family pattern for you and your descendants.

In this Group Session, you will be able to heal and clear:

  • Unwanted maternal patterns where and when the original break in the loving, caring, mother role was made.
  • Issues of abandonment and neglect, abuse, and harm. No re-traumatization is involved.
  • These wounds so that a loving, caring, nurturing, and supportive mother pattern can be re-established in the family.
  • The negative energy from the old pattern so that it no longer plagues you and your family.
  • Then, the positive feminine energy of calm, peace, support, and openness can be established in your life and home.
  • And an exercise to set the new energy in your field is given to maintain this new family pattern for yourself and future generations.

If you desire to heal your relationship with your Mother, join Ariann on April 30, 2021.

Be Prepared to improve your relationship with your Mother and all the women in your life, including your daughters, granddaughters, and others.

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