DIY Ancestral Clearing


Your DIY Program

In the DIY Program you can select how to proceed to clear blocks and overcome the epigenetic triggers to unwanted traits and free you from family beliefs and genes.

Choose from 3 different tracks:

Financial – Open to wealth, abundance, prosperity, and trust in the Universe to provide for all your desires.

Relationships – Heal and clear unhealthy roles in relationships and open to positive, whole, supportive and loving, long-term relationships to a partner who ‘gets’ you, supports who you are and what you do, accepts you and your beliefs, and loves the whole you.

Health – Heal, prevent and reverse genetic health patterns leading to greater health, energy, vitality, enthusiasm for life, mental clarity, and a drug-free lifestyle.

These outcomes are possible when your family blocks are overcome and healed.

Epigenetics have shown we inherit memories from our families and these trigger genetic responses in our bodies. These triggers can be turned off by our positive choices.

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