Help from our Ancestors to Heal Patterns of Pandemic, Plague, and Disaster

The Covid-19 Virus and its Impact on the World Calls for Healing on a Global Scale.

Millions around the world have been impacted by this virus and its effects.

Even if you and your family have not contracted the virus, life has changed as social distancing is being practiced to prevent its spread. This reduces our usual stress relievers of hugs, social gatherings, family dinners, creativity, art, and musical events become limited to social media.

Our ancestors are reaching out to give their assistance and help us make it through to live a new life of health, wealth, love, joy and commitment to the world and to the future.


Get 2 FREE Meditations for Healing.

Our ancestors survived many plagues, infections, and disasters throughout the ages.


They want to help us through these challenging times.


Our ancestors were the survivors. They can show us how to get through to the other side.


And teach us how to get through the financial strain.


Discover our creative resources with support and community.


Heal your Genetic Codes damaged by past plagues, illness and disease.

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