Joyful Holidays Amidst Uncertainty

The Holidays are upon us once again. Where does the time go? Last year I offered 7 Tips for Holiday Happiness and you may want to revisit that article and get some helpful hints if you are getting stressed already over the season that has just begun. The most important concept to remember during this Season to remember is to be Happy. Forget the rest of the holiday hype. Particularly turn off the news. Turn off the commercials. Turn down the volume. The noise and chaos interferes with the beauty and joy. With the recent Paris bombing, the continuing terrorist attacks around the world and the shootings at home it is easy to fall prey to anxiety, fear and worry. The perpetrators are hoping to create this kind of disruption. These harmful emotions do not serve us. I am happy to see so many responses in the (non-network) news and internet that call for compassion for the misguided and wounded people who would target innocents. In my last article Heal for Your Future and Others I spoke about the triggers that adversely affect our health and attitudes and turn on “bad” DNA such as depression, fear, heart dis-ease, diabetes and other unwanted influences in our lives. Holidays often bring up old memories—sometime good, sometime not-so-good, that may initiate emotional issues or health issues. Science has now found that we can counter these negative effects fairly easily if we pay attention. One of the most effective ways of changing your genome (the ‘triggering’ part of the DNA mechanism to over simplify it) is to be Grateful. An ‘attitude of gratitude’... read more

Heal for Your Future and Others

Heal for Your Future and Others   We all have 3.2 billion base pair of DNA molecules in our bodies. Most of these are identical with other living species on the planet. What makes humans unique is our self-awareness and our ability to change our environment and our bodies to respond to events.   Changing our DNA patterns is generally a long term process unless there is mutation. DNA is the blueprint that determines our body’s form, much of our health and some of our personality. Science has made massive strides in discovering how these genes operate. In recent years the science of epigenetics (“in addition to changes in genetic sequence”) has emerged and is changing our concepts of how DNA influences our lives.   Caroline Davis2010 _ Foter _ CC BY Genetics is the study of the DNA we inherit from our parents and their ancestors. When a baby is born this DNA is inherited in an almost pure form with very few attachments.   Epigenetics are the ‘attachments’ we all collect during life–physical, emotional, environmental, mental etc. Scientist have found these epigenetics are important because they are the triggers that turn on certain diseases, behaviors and other health factors in our DNA such MS, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases.   If you think of DNA as an ice cream cone (like a portion of the DNA helix) epigenetics is the ice cream we fill in with our life experience. It is the food we eat, the air we breathe, the abuse we encounter, the emotional attachments we make, our lifestyle choices–smoking, drinking, exercise, learning–and the... read more

Grateful for the Harvest

The fall equinox is right around the corner. I just spotted the first trees beginning to change colors. The days are shortening and nights are getting cooler. The tomatoes are coming to an end and the fall harvest is beginning. I am so grateful for summer. It has been glorious this year with sunny, bright days and beautiful flowers, crops and trees everywhere. The promise of spring has been fulfilled when we see our plans coming to fruition and blossoming. The flowers that bloomed so richly are beginning to wilt and the leaves just starting to drop, signaling the new season. As a student I regretted the end of summer because I had to go back to school. Now I can just bask in gratitude for the bounty without having to go back to a different schedule of tasks. I see the lushness of the season that is coming to a close. I can join in the celebration of the end of the season before it is quite over and relish the blessings and the harvest of squash, pumpkins, grapes, tomatoes, avocados, peaches, plums, apples, pears as the last flush of vegetables and fruits pour into the farmers markets and stores. Homemade jams, preserves, relishes and baked goods are starting to show up at the outdoor weekend markets as the excess vegetables and overripe fruits need to be preserved or baked into pies and breads. The richness of the earth continues to bless us at season’s wane. When we view life with regret and cling to the past, we narrow our energy field and the scope of our life.... read more

You are the Core of 7 Generations

Seven generations is a basic decision-making concept in Native American tradition. Although in our American consumer culture we tend to associate it with the concept of green products because of the now pervasive “Seven Generation” brand of eco-friendly products (Yeah!) that basically started the revolution in sustainability. It originated with the Iroquois– Great Law of the Iroquois – which holds appropriate to think seven generations ahead (about 140 years into the future) and decide whether the decisions they make today would benefit their children seven generations into the future.”

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Control or Chaos

When I went out to plant the spring flowers I faced the usual dilemma: do I plant them in a row or a circle or scatter them about randomly? When I look at Mother Nature there doesn’t appear to be any order yet everything is so beautiful to the eye and spirit. How does this happen?

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You are Spring

Spring has arrived no matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere. You may still have snow or be in the rain and cold but certainly the first peeking of spring green is on its way. If you are in the South then the blossoming trees and flowers are in profusion all around filling your heart and energizing your thoughts with planting and playing outside.

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2015 Energy of Success

Last year seemed to be a year of building ideas and momentum. Most people and clients I know were shifting through ideas, moving homes or businesses and positioning themselves to take advantage of changing markets. This was not a time of stability or certainty but a year of searching, testing and creating in looking for new directions. Several clients had been frustrated because their efforts to move forward have not been immediately rewarded when they changed focus. The time was not ripe.

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7 Tips for Holiday Happiness

Holidays are time for having fun and enjoying family and friends. Let your creativity expand and only engage in activities that delight and inspire you. Here are some tips that you probably have heard before but are always good to keep in mind during this time of the year.

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Changing at the Crossroads of Today

During our lives we travel through many crossroads choosing one path or another. These choices shape our lives, relationships, character, values and health. These choices as much as our heritage determine who and what we become in our lives because although our DNA may regulate eye and hair color, height and ethnicity our heritage doesn’t control our free will. The consequences of our choices often have repercussions for generations.

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